double rainbow all the way

Design by jerbing33

double rainbow all the way by jerbing33 on Threadless
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dschwen profile pic Alumni

Bwahahaha! I knew someone would make a shirt for this, I was actually working on one myself.

Great work!

Captain Cooro

Lol thats awsome id buy that


Technically, the second rainbow should have the colours in reverse order.


jerbing33 profile pic Artist

I also meant for this design to wrap over the back....for the complete rainbow effect....oversight

soloyo profile pic Alumni

so pretty!

Beneath Skin

that was the best video ever. i would love to buy this shirt. he starts crying!! omg hahaa


oh my godddddddddddddddddddddd it's a double complete rainbowwwwww

Beneath Skin

i saw that too. that was the best part.

Beneath Skin

there has only been about 4 shirts i've seen in the scoring that i have been completely ecstatic for and this is one of them. not only the quote but the placement is perfect. i typed all this in my comment up there with a ":o" face at the end and threadless decided to only put the :o face...




Ha ha! Fantastic spoof!

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