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Dots Dots Everywhere by rabidlizzy on Threadless
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Complete Version Here:

Ok so.. the design started out much cooler in my head than it turned out- BUT I had spent like, a few hours dotting it so I might as well submit it. Colors can be changed, and any constructive crits would be appreciated.

I picture it on the side of the shirt, but if you guys think a different placement.. then whatever. Sorry the presentation is so poor- I have exams coming up and need to start studying x_x; Next time will be so much better, promise.

So.. uhm.. hoorah? My first submission? x_x


love it....dont change a thing $5


amazing! can this be glowing in the dark?

rabidlizzy profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone :D

Sorry for the Fo'realz thing xD I was half asleep after doing the dots and studying chem for a few hours.

I guess it does look like something from a souvenir shop :X Oops.


i have some metal work that looks exactly like this,,,

rabidlizzy profile pic Artist

BrickTea- sorry it upset you, it was just a joke. I was in a silly mood when I submitted it- that's all.

Thanks everyone xD

rabidlizzy profile pic Artist

I always thought lizards look really cool when they're curled up like this, so I always draw 'em like that xD

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