Doomed Fruits

Design by sponzar

Doomed Fruits by sponzar on Threadless
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sponzar profile pic Artist

What's worst than finding a worm in your apple? Finding one with acid blood.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

love the expression on the apple's face.


That's so cool! I love the Alien looking Worm ^_^


lol, very nice $5


I would work on the colours, and stroke line

sponzar profile pic Artist

Thanks for the tip Krzyecho, but it's already subbed, I didn't realize that you could you the shirt color as one of your colors until later. Now I know to do that from now on.

Gregor Samsa

haha! looks like someone's opened a can of worms! great job!


Ah! i just realised how much more effective this could've been if the worm were bursting out of the apple's chest, Aliens style! 4!

sponzar profile pic Artist

Yea the original design had the alien coming out the chest, but I changed it to save colors. Here's the link to the original design I made for cafe press here .

sponzar profile pic Artist

That's great... I really wish I would of had my worm bursting out of the chest, but maybe I'll resubmit later.

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