Don't Touch the Thermostat.

Design by TheloniusMnk

Don't Touch the Thermostat. by TheloniusMnk on Threadless
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TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

"Science Is Culture." The theme says it all. I sought to create a simple graphic depicting the two biggest cultural debates relating to science in recent memory.


This is cute, however threadless has already printed a shirt about Pluto. To improve: the planets are well drawn but the couch, and the newspaper should be cleaner and neater. Also, maybe speech bubbles instead of just lines?

TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

Thanks for the nice comments. I know there was Pluto shirt already printed, but this design isn't all about Pluto. It's just a piece of the overall theme, so the context is a whole lot different than the other Pluto shirt.

TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

Oh, and this was done from scratch in CorelDraw, just in case anyone cared.


I think this is pretty funny, man! Something about the font dsn't sit right with me, though. I'm wondering how clear it will read on a printed shirt - maybe bolden the words?

I think it's very good, though. $5, of course.



this is wonderful! :oD


Hee hee!
But I think Pluto would be purple, don't you?

TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

To answer some questions about Pluto:

In every picture I've seen of Pluto, its color is a sort of bluish-gray. Hence, the color in the design.

Also, referring to idunno's question ("why does the moon have a pluto hat on?"), Pluto is basically just a big slab of rock floating around in space, just like the moon. Their surfaces are actually pretty similar. That's why I put the hat, just to clear up any doubt.

Thanks for all the comments!


For some reason--maybe it's the hat--this made me think of the whole Britney Spears/Kevin Federline thing. Bizarre.

Cute concept, though!



Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

nice 5


I like it.

TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

Definitely not stolen. I don't roll like that. I'm not aware of any comic that used this idea, so if something similar is already in existance then it's a complete coincidence.

Normally, I wouldn't be so defensive, but with people like candance20 submitting forgeries all over the place lately, people's suspicions might be up.

That said, thanks for all the comments! I'm glad you find it humorous.

TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

Thanks for voting, and for all the comments.

TheloniusMnk profile pic Artist

It looks like you didn't even try.

Your mom didn't even try!

ooooooooo that was a sick burn.

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