Don\'t Take Me Back To The Freakshow!

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Don\'t Take Me Back To The Freakshow! by aled on Threadless
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Love freaks, love circus. Neat-o!


This is really great! 5$!


great, might be a little better if they were looking away from the ringmaster as if trying to hide their faces and not be seen but obviously they stick out like a sore thumb. 5

aled profile pic Artist

Thank you all for your thoughts. To answer a couple of things - I elaborated in the explanation to give the image a more vivid (and silly) narrative. If I had just left it as the title and the image, I'm sure most people would understand the premise, so I don't think it relies on an explanation. Moreover, the intention was to fulfill the Little Miss Sunshine brief whilst creating an image which even if ambiguous, was interesting to look at. I originally drew a bus stop sign! I chose not to include it because as it crowded the image. Thanks again for all the critiques and positive feedback.


I remeber those Japanese twins joined at the side. They were in National Geographic

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i like the shirt and all, but since they are pretending to be normal, why would the sword swallower be in mid-swallow when trying not to be noticed? It would also add to the unfortunate fate the circus freaks are probably in for if on the bench they sitting on or above it, there would be a circus advertisement to fully illustrate how hard it is to escape the expectations and stereotypes of being a certain way. 4 buck-os tho.


I like it, but I something bugs me about the thought bubble. Could just be me though.


LOVE the expression on strong man's face!

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