Don't Stare At The Sun

Design by careface

Don't Stare At The Sun by careface on Threadless
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careface profile pic Artist

This could easily be a type tee, with any font/drawn type with any size. I just did made this to show the effect.

I didn't see anything with this idea, so if there already is one, I apologize.



um, im confused. is there something wrong with my computer, or is there nothing but a blank white tee here? Or is that the joke because im not suppose to stare at the sun? :/

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

lose the shirt.


Smart idea.


ok, now i see it....and im not impressed

careface profile pic Artist

its a bright pale yellow color. You can see it on my monitor, but, every monitor is different.

and yeah, this is meant to be a type tee.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

and there you see how the internets sucks, how do you know your art is being seen the way you intended when you have people with wonky monitors
anyways that would be awesome if it used the sunlight sensitive ink that turned like pink in the sun and went white inside

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the advice man!


love it, you might wanna try it in a different color scheme though, maybe grey on grey


I could see it just fine. Cute.

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