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Wilfur profile pic Artist

Resubmit with high quality presentation. In the world of art, all artist drawing will come true, although you have the strongest weapon, the strongest skills, you still can't defeat him. So, don't fight with artist!

7 color on red shirt. Hope you like it ^^

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni





That is a really cool idea. I like how the painter is just standing there calmly, while the warrior guys (ninjas?) are flying all over the place. It's kind of funny how one is helplessly trapped in the hand. And the detailed wrinkles on their clothes are pretty cool. The only flaw I find in this design is how the artist's creations are so sketchy. I would have liked it better if they were a little clearer. Overall, though, it's a cool design that would look good on a shirt. I'm giving it a 4.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree with AweAndWonder about the sketches the artist makes to defend himself being a little cleaner, but I understand that's part of the concept, he needed to sketch fast to defeat his aggressors. Still a fantastic piece of shirt work.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

great !


FRICKINAWESOME - The first time I wrote this review, I wrote that even though the artist has to sketch fast, I still would like to see it more clearly. But... I deleted it because I thought my review was already too long. :) Good to mention that.

The reason I came back here is because another thing I forgot to mention is how the the artist's red clothes, the red paint, and the red background kind of work against each other. While this probably have been done intentionally, it can kind of be an eyesore. Still, like I said, it's an awesome piece.

gojirra profile pic Alumni

Great job!

thedeetzes profile pic Alumni

nice concept!

Wilfur profile pic Artist

Thank you very much~~

R3D FOX profile pic Alumni

awesome concept!

NGee profile pic Alumni

Great concept


fantastically creative fight scene!

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

amazing idea!


nice drawing. but, i don't like the face of the artist. the ninjas rock!

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