Dont Eat The City

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Dont Eat The City by tobiasfonseca on Threadless
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tobiasfonseca profile pic Artist

Wahhh more or less... Godzilla is surely part of the inspiration, but this is just another monster hehehe....Hmm a message to those browsing? Hm... don't be bad and vote hehehehe, I'm going to create an option with your sugestion, thank you very much! Hugs!


aw. hes so sad!


I liked the message...
Be I think about...
I want this t-shirt!!!!!!!!


I like this but I would have made the design bigger and the wording a bit smaller. The words take away from the very cute dinosaur ;)


haha Aw, poor zilla.

Ava Adore

aww, cute!


It's hard to tell exactly what's going on at first glance. The person is really small, and the building is very much in the background.

MegP profile pic Alumni

nicely done, but needs to be bigger


I think the text is great - all you need is a little triangle shape to make it clear that the person is speaking to the monster...I didn't notice the tiny person at first :) ...and "You are SO BAD" is possibly the cutest and best text I've ever seen ever. Don't change it! $5

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