Don’t eat red apple heart

Design by Patrick Seymour

Don’t eat red apple heart by Patrick Seymour on Threadless
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Dark red on dark red is not doing it for me.

And at first, I thought their insides were spelling "HI"... might wanna fix that...

3 for now.


I like this very much. I agree with the previous comment, and you might want to make a second pass on the stomach areas. I also think you should go for straight black instead of the really dark red areas (the people and trees parts), but keep the dark red you used for the shadows. Other than that it's freakin' sweet!


say HI to cyanide

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

i love it, you're my almost my favorite artist here haha!
Keep up the good work ;) 5$ and a buy for sure if it's print! I hope you'll be printed one day!


I saw ""HI" too...


I like dark red on red, it's one of my favorite combos. Not a humongous fan of the image here, but it's definitely unusual, I like the novelty, and the people, despite being silhouettes, are very obviously in agony. Impressive work!


yah , they look like H's and I's.......make the apple cores look nicer.....and its kinda weird too....i dont really get it....but i like the colors


I really like this. It was definitely something I wondered about as a small child. And I like the color scheme a lot.

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