dont' be shy sign!

Design by sustici

dont' be shy sign! by sustici on Threadless
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The way the arm fades away sort of bothers me. The texture is pretty nice, but I think the design is lacking in something... $3

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Would you be able to wear it more than once?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Ha, it's actually one of the better ideas for a n interactive shirt. I agree, the hand needs to not fade away like it does now and it could be a bit bigger so you could really do some awesome and diverse designs on it.


very cool- perhaps you could resolve the fadey problem by adding a shoulder? LOVE the concept- am vair excited ^^

sustici profile pic Artist

thanks for advice guys!
yes, people can write on the t-shirt.
the white color is a normal one, therefore i do not believe you can erase after writing on it, unless you use some special ink.
my idea actually was a t-shirt to make a present, so that you can customize it. therefore writing on it with an indelible ink.
but the idea to write and erase is a great option too!


cool idea!


I agree; the arm fading away with the scratchy texture is disturbing. At least get rid of the scratchy texture on the upper arm; it makes it look decayed, or severed, or something. Or you could continue the texture on the arm cover. But I'm not sure how attractive overall that would be, either.

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