Donde Esta Waldo?

Design by eskimokiss

Donde Esta Waldo? by eskimokiss on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Agree with DUO (again).

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

Oh man. You people are breaking my heart. The front is gold.
It's the front that took me weeks of tracing zebra images with the pen tool in illustrator (no wacom tablet, or streamline for this hack)
The back image took me all of 10 minutes :/

And as for the colour limit, it'd be easy to change the boots to black, and waldos skin to white. That would then be 4 colours (black, white, red, blue) Alternatively I could put the image on a red shirt and keep either the brown boots or pink skin. (I think red shirts are lacking on threadless so this would be my choice)

Umph! I might have to submit the back image on its own. Just hope I make the dead-line


use the back

i'm sorry the front took up that much of your life.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

To all those that ruined my day today :/ ... I've submitted an altered version of the back. You'd all better like it though!


haha i love the front it made me laugh


i really really like the front...

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

If you'd read the guidelines of the competition like most intelligent people would, you'd have come across the first point which reads:

"Your submission may OPTIONALLY include the High Voltage logo and/or a High Voltage reference or theme."

The operative word here is 'optionally', meaning your design does'nt have to have anything to do with 'high voltage' and can still be in the running for the MAJOR prize.
My piece has 'optionally' included a high voltage themed logo for the back of the shirt (the electric zebra) The front has no high voltage theme, but it does reference the back which does use the theme. Get it Einstein?
My suggestion to you johnnymilkshark is to either start submitting designs, or start offering legitimate critiques of peoples artwork. Don't just be a tosser

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

For those wanting placement details, interested in alternative Tee colours, and can be bothered waiting for a 150 kb swf file to download then check out:

It'll take a while.
btw, i don't mind the criticism, I'm very interested in knowing what people really think about this design. I'm just suprised that's all, I thought it would rate better. Oh well, back to the drawing board.


Nahh.. I love the front.. Cept I reckon its overkill.. ya only need a couple of zebras, and waldo is kinda too flat lookin. Its all good


Think Waldo's gonna be pissed being up the arse of a Zebra! haha

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

The butt crack makes the shirt. If it was'nt for the butt crack I wouldn't find it funny. And having it more obvious that its waldo (who btw is called wally in australia)would defeat the purpose of the "where's waldo" concept. After all, he's never prominent in the scenes in the book.... you have to find him

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