Don Quixote Strikes at School Play!

Design by slaterock

Don Quixote Strikes at School Play! by slaterock on Threadless
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the colors look great! you really worked it out.


At first as I was scrolling down and saw the sun I thought Don was going to be tilting at it. lol
Great stuff!


I love the design, but I don't understand why practically all the designs for this contest seem to be themed "STAND OUT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND BE REALLY WEIRD" instead of "try to blend in even though you're a freak." I get torn when I see a concept I really like, but it doesn't really fit into the contest theme.

slaterock profile pic Artist

Lobstra, I think you're prolly right on that comment. I guess this doesn't follow the theme as much as it should. I was just excited to do one more sub for this contest, and maybe rushed the idea a bit. Thanks for the positive comments on the design though!

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration and colors




The recent rash of terrible prints has gotten me into a funk and I've stopped scoring designs because I thought that the prints were reflective of the quality of submissions, but this is one of many of the subs that has left me pleasantly surprised. Good luck and I hope this gets printed. $5 from me.

slaterock profile pic Artist

Hey thanks everyone! I had a lot of fun doing this sub, so I'm glad people are enjoying it.


that's great, i love it


Don Quixote is the man.
Even if he seems like a booze crazed hobo, but who doesnt love those guys....maybe children and the sun.
5 and buy.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

this really needs to get printed so i can buy it for someone.


i need to own this immediately

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