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Dogart & Catall by LauraMSS on Threadless
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This design is based on Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall on a 'To have and have not' scene. I'm very fan of Bacall, and I really love this film :)

It should be printed for both boys & girls using simulated process; any light brown, grey or olive green would fit. Great for tank tops too!

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nice drawing!


nice. reminds me of blacksad comics.

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Oh man I'm sorry for the quadruple post :S Anyone knows if I can delete them?

Milofranceschi, I lnow the blacksad comics too, they are so cool! I totally evited to watch any of them while I was doing this design because the drawings are so amazing that I'd probably be contaminated, and I wanted to draw it in my style - even if it's worst :)

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Thank you very much :D

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