Dog Day Afternoon

Design by Louii

Dog Day Afternoon by Louii on Threadless
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mismonaut profile pic Alumni

I think this has the same problems as your last submission. Here are some things to think about to help your next submission do better:

While I understand that you repainted the Van Gogh picture and added coffee elements to both pieces, they are not immediately recognisable as your own artwork. The typical Threadless voter, going through submissions, is going to see this and think, "Photograph on a shirt. Boring!" (Or even worse, "Total plagiarism. Zero!")

Both of these would work as part of a series of paintings ("The Masters, with Coffee" or something like that), but they don't really work as T-shirt designs for an audience like the one at Threadless. The changes are too subtle.

Your presentations are also hurting your score. The Threadless-supplied template shirt just doesn't look as good as having the design placed on an actual tshirt. There's a great, easy-to-use "real shirt" template here. You'll need Photoshop and a rudimentary understanding of how to use layers.

myselfgone commented above that you should take out the white around the edges of the sculpture. He's right, because the "box plopped on tshirt" look is hurting your score, too. There are several ways to delete the white area—some are easier, and some are better. Even just using Photoshop's magic wand tool to select the white areas and delete them would help integrate the sculpture to the shirt a bit more.

Silverque is an artist here who has done a great job of integrating painting with shirt design, if you want to take a look at her stuff.

laurastead profile pic Alumni

I use GIMP. It is a free downloadable program that allows you to make layers :)


get right man. This is aweful. Go back to school


Hey, it says right beside the comment box to be nice. He is trying...some people do better on canvas than computer. I cannot paint on a canvas at all. I agree with mismonaut

YaaH profile pic Alumni


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