Does the moon cry too?

Design by jiggerlo

Does the moon cry too? by jiggerlo on Threadless
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I like the idea, but the image is not clear enough. I see feet and legs and arms... and for some reason it looks like hair is falling over the arms... perhaps placing the person on an incline would help?

Would really like to see it reworked. I think you have a good start.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

no offense, but it kinda looks like she's being pelted with ping pong balls.


love the concept but better delivery would be coools. 3


i'm gagging on the emo name, tho... the design is great as is. You know it. (You do.) So hear the critisims and toss them. Stand behind a solid design.


it hurts to lay on marbles, and have them fall upon you!

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