Does goldfish believe in God ?

Design by gasss97

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jpiatt profile pic Alumni

The idea is pretty good. Maybe a bit too simple for a Threadless tee. If you could make it work visually without all that text, it would work a lot better. I feel like the text is beating people over the head with a hammer though. It's the majority of the design.

Also, the artwork could be MUCH improved as well.


nice work~~!




haha, the tiny chapel is too awesome!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much text for a tee here. For an online cartoon, sure! Maybe you could just have the fish praying on the bottom of the bowl and a human hand fading in above the bowl sprinkling some fish food down to them, possibly with the fish saying "our prayers have been answered!" and if you keep the church it could have a "When Will The Famine End?" topic discussion on its board outside. Good luck!

Fievel the Mouse

oops :P needs some work, but good initial idea

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