Do You Care..?

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Do You Care..? by yuliana on Threadless
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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

why are they all spiky underneath their bodies like that ???

i understand the message and all, but i would never wear something that looked like this.

CazKing profile pic Alumni

kinda reminds me of something thats been done before.... I dont have the link for it but it was similiar and had an eskimo in it I think?

Ars Fera

Sad.. but I like it.. I think the spikey-ness is kind of odd and the middle whale (orca?) looks kind of odd too. I'd probably wear it just because it gets a message across. Good job :)

VaVa Pie

nice message

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

fully support for this tee!


so sad ill support this tee as well 5$


"Do you care..?"

Yes i do.

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