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Do the hula-hula by veeruska on Threadless
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fix the low boob/corner of the shirt!! then it's a $5

the czar

Very clever
I don't think that's a boob, I think it is the corner of the shirt flipping up


Nice sub, the only thing is that the shirt thing did throw me off for a second, but once you look at it, you can see that it is definitely a shirt. Also, as you said, thank you soooo much for submitting something without a burger on it - good job with some actual imagination and creativity.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration!


This is so cute.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Beautifully drawn. I think you could go bigger on the shirt, and I don't see boobs at all... 5


corner is good. :)


I really thought it was a boob too. But I love the donut hoop.


i feel like its all the donuts will go to your butt & hips. haha i like it.


Ok, ok, we have all daid just about everything that can be said about shirts that look like pre-mature, pointy, sagging boobs. I love it on the darker colour. The men's brown, with the design in the bottom corner definately has the greatest impact. It just makes the donut look tastier!!


sorry, I meant said. I should probably check my spelling before I criticize others.

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