Do not play with communism.

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Do not play with communism. by Rockslide on Threadless
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I just want to make it clear again, cause I'm always paranoid about this stuff, that I based this off some actual 50's public announcement junk. I wanted to take the original images and messages and make a parody of them, that's all. I thought it was pretty funny. Somehow everything seemed to relate back to defeating communism, even brushing your teeth could help the battle against the Reds, haha. I love that stuff.


nicely played, big $5


I am currently in a Post-Soviet country. I would wear this for sure!

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Hey thanks everyone for all the comments! I understand that a lot of you feel its pretty crowded, I guess I was having so much fun with the images and the art that I wanted to get it all on there. I thought the several images helped provide a stronger punch to the final joke. Coming back to this shirt now though, after making it about two weeks ago, I think the communism boy could also work on his own for a funny shirt. Just him alone centered with sickle and hammer. Even so, I like them all together, its commentary on the time period. Thanks for all the comments!


Love the do not play with communism, think it would be better with just that, or just three of them or something... but great either way.


darnit! i missed the voting. nevertheless i woulda given it a 5$!

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