Dive Jive

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Dive Jive by ilsung on Threadless
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With ideas like that you have no reason to be nervous! I like. $5


I like the idea, but the fish and stars dilute the effectiveness of the piece. I'd leave the swirly effects, but kill the other stuff.... maybe you could add some underwater notes also.


I'm excited to see this after I critiqued it a week or two ago! It was a great image to start with, but I really like the changes. Looks much more polished. Focus on the diver's faceplate is good, and I like it with the "smoke" motif toned down much more than I thought I would. I'll vote 5 on this without any qualms...

beesneak profile pic Alumni

I think this is really good, can't wait to see more!


Is any part of this supposed to glow in the dark? Because some part totally should. Nice job!


Glow in the dark would look fantastic with this!

olie! profile pic Alumni

This is pretty darn good for a first sub! I've seen a LOT worse.
A couple things: I think you could do without the dock and the boombox--it just feels a little too heavy to me. Also some more refining of the main figure might have helped. Otherwise, very nice job!


Cool design, but discerning the water from the air would make the idea more clear.

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