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zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

random distortion...
crazy idea, something different and new i like trying new things so i hope this one pulls out and make it,, i was all tired of seeing repeated things so though to give something different and why not go crazy,, not everything have to say a story thats why u can read books stil u can just have something mind stimulating and different to wear


Yup! Crazy Succeeded! :-D

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

More elements on the shirt in this style front and/or back and I'd be tempted to go a bit higher with my vote.

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

its not fotoshop and its not radial blur :) and anyway am testing the style ,,thanks for all comments :),

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

cyanidee ur 3 of this heart design was a gomedia vector set copy and paste that nearly took 1 min, yet i didnt gave same comment at ur work by the way :) but its not how much time u take or sweat blood its like war its bout something looking good and appealing so analyzing how much time or effort is not the goal if ur referring that i did something easy an fast u did a copy and paste work no more comment on that subject :) i wasnt gona say something but i loved to say this eventually thanks all and peace ;)


^^^ i agree with that.


Too similar to Dave McKean for me to respect, sorry. Way too much so.

courtney pie

this scares me. in a bad way.

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