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dacat profile pic Alumni

Coolness $5


bird and red thought bubbles...don get it


wud be real cool wid out bird and red thought bubbles...thats jus me...nice!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm not understanding the bird in the car either, but im either being stupid or others are just too embarrassed to ask. It looks very nice on the shirt tho, I'd just like to know if this was a more random design or there's some connection im missing here. That would be kinda awesome if someone blew out a bird-house like this with a bird in side it.


did you took the picture from something else?
and then drew over it?


The car has gullwing doors... that's why there's a bird.


p.s. - it looks like most of the past designs use some sort of stock art.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

I thought of it too, but couldn't find the image.


i thought it was a chiltons illustration or something, i guess i was close. even though older subs show illustration skills and some "stock art" used in them, this is too much direct copy for me.

classicoke profile pic Alumni

you should have taken the time to redraw the bottom pic...

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