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nathanwpyle at gmail.com
nathanwpyle at gmail.com profile pic Artist

These are the flavors that never made it to the theater lobby.

Thanks for the critique help!

I'm wearing the design on black shirt but it also looks good on grey, red or blue.

Other discontinued flavors included . .

Schindler's Mist
Earl Grey it Forward
Of Spice and Men
Oliver Twister
Moulin Deluge
It's a Thunderful Life
Father of the Tide.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some...


Casino Soy-Ale tastes horrible, but people insist it's just like regular cola.

I would love to try Polter Ice. And Cider Man cracks my shit up.


i laughed

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I dunno, i think i love this a lot. Maybe fitting it over the whole front and jazzing up the display a bit would put this into full hard on heart-on, but this is a really cute shirt of consumerism run amok that i could endorse. Dude, you totally shoulda put on Schindler's Mist. That's horrible, but horribly fantastic.


CIDER MAN FTW. Dolla dolla five five dolla dolla. $5




Hahaha! This is great!
*I don't think I want to know what's in Groundhog Spray ^_^


This is an awesome idea! I agree with FA and manthastar, make it take up the entire front of the shirt. Otherwise, I love it tons!


4/5... would give 5/5 if it weren't on black. Great design though, very funny!


ahhh shame you didnt go for the longer version with 16 flavours, fills the tee alot better
but awesome design nonetheless


great artwork / colors /humor -it has it all!
scored high!

dacat profile pic Alumni

I love this, I like the 16 flavor version also, great! $5

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

The Land Before Lime ahahahaha


This is a pretty cool shirt. It caught my attention. It kinda' reminds me of "Spoilt" by Oliver Moss. I mighta' put some green on the arrows for the bill acceptor slot, though. Cool, though. $3.


Very clever
Schindler's Mist should def. make the cut haha

Needs a bit of tweaking with the overall machine, but the names are genius

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