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a Goth rocker got a high fever when he heard a BeeGees song on the radio, then he woke up one morning and realized that he was already well, and now he's staying alive,hehehe


yus, i second the vote for a flashy pendant. 3


Too referential and boring and lame. How many shirts are gonna be made that are like geeky amalgams of late 70's and early 80's pop-culture... there are other web-sites that sell t-shirts for that demographic.

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feel free to hate or like it, well that's your POV, I don't think threadless will accept this one or some people here will vote for it if this kind of design would only fit to a specific demograpic, people here don't stick to one kind of style or genre, people here are unpridictable, threadless has worldwide reach. So we here at threadless have the freewill to design whatever that will come up in our minds, I still see your point though, welcome btw, i see you're new here derek, peace \m/ =D

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