Dinosaurs Can't Kiss

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Dinosaurs Can't Kiss by bananaphone on Threadless
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"better context"

opinions and assholes.

funny idea.


nice work matt :)

BasicShift profile pic Alumni

I like it - but I must confess front treatment and scale are killing it for me... I would fix and resub for sure!


i just dont get it, i think its kinda ugly looking....

bananaphone profile pic Artist

"someone's not full of themselves AT ALL

despite the designer's attitude, it's a cute idea "

Clearly you're an idiot that doesn't understand the concept of jokes. Regardless this IS an example of a love heart used in a more amusing fashion than "hey heres a tshirt with a heart on it over where your actual heart would be"

bananaphone profile pic Artist

the bloods meant like that, when you eat something saucy it goes on your lips not on your teeth for the most part.




nice change o' style banana bro.


I like this style better than your last style. 3

le_hell profile pic Alumni

this is great matt, nice colors too!


...and you can't draw dinosaurs.

slaterock profile pic Alumni

Yeah, this is hard.... It seems you have good ideas, but don't have the technical skills to make your ideas successful. I've got a bunch of great movie ideas, but I can't write scripts for crap, so I will probably never be a scriptwriter. I know at one point you had called upon the help of "a better artist" to do one of your concepts, and i think that's a smart move. Needless to say, it is a cute idea, as mentioned before.


idea is pretty good, if the dinos were redone so they didnt look like shark lizards it would be cool.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Why does everyone assume that I have apparently tried to draw something technical, failed, and drawn this?

I drew this for a reason - because it is comical. I did not want this to be a technical drawing out of some dinosaur book.


its to huge for the shirt :P
no really id like it smaller
and the tect moved BELOW the dinosaurs...
but i LOVE the design and that idea
very sweet
I give it a strong 4... and an I'd buy it

bananaphone profile pic Artist

that aint comic sans killer...


wow.....I LOVE IT!


Concept isn't bad, but it's the poor execution - work it harder. Rework the text, not sure if you need to re-do the message, but kill that typeface. Also, as already been said, the size is tres large.

Also, as a note, don't diss people within the design, advertising and marcomms community when you're a designer on the up. It will bite you on the ass.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I dis idiots not designers, and I don't see how thats a relevant comment anyway. I merely promote nuzzling your dinosaur.


evilness...I love it.
Except the top of its head looks sort of human...

bananaphone profile pic Artist

"the word you're looking for is sarcasm. it would do you good to read up on it. "

It would do you good to know what something is before using it as a cop out.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Sarcasm does not = "Oh i said something seriously, but then I got called up on it, so now I am going to say I was just sarcastic to try and look smart again"

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Oh no, someone that was acting like a toss and can't admit it no longer likes me. I am going to go cry into my pillow now.

I took you as seriously as anyone else that criticises me, and that's "not very".

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I am sorry Von, I didn't realise everyone submitted stuff for the exact same reason including myself.

And I don't want EVERYONE to like my designs, if they did then they'd be shit. So stop telling me I have to go and sell out because it isn't going to happen.

I don't mind people criticising my stuff so long as they do it for reasons that arent completely ignorant.


Man oh man, you're not going to very far in this world by attacking everybody... realize that everyone has an opinion, good or bad, but attacking that opinion just brings you down and your art is thus judged accordingly... chill out just a bit and roll with your style. DAMN...

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I insulted one person because they were being a moron, get over it.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

hah i havent seen you around in a long time rich.

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