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After re-watching Tron I was quite impressed by the graphics and sets, particularly the conduits to the MCP, which gave me the inspiration for this design. It's a simple graphic tee, all the lines converging towards the head. I wondered what that this would look like in "good guy" colours, so I've included a blue option.

Initially I thought that this would look good in superglow, but I also thought that foils might work pretty well for either option.

Thanks again alvarjo & ninthwheel for the templates. Also thanks to the folks who helped me make up my mind to sub this!

Plu Shu

Blue on gray is beautiful


very nice and wearable :)

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Gray FTW!!! $5

YaaH profile pic Alumni


Blue stripes....:) 5$!

jewelwing profile pic Alumni

simple and very very nice

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist
4 designs submitted - Score now!

Thanks very much guys, my simple designs never go down well here, but it's nice to know that a few poeple like it :)

ounom profile pic Alumni

Blue is awesome!


Personally I'd have liked a teeny bit more detail, but it is very elegant. Agree with you on the design around the MCP.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Simple but very cool!


I think it's nice and elegant and very wearable. I like tron subs that arent massively advertising the movie, but still connect to the theme, and this is one of those. Well done :)

ndikol profile pic Alumni

nice $5

ounom profile pic Alumni

Last day! Vote right now! ;)

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