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Digital Cave Drawings by Raid71 on Threadless
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Raid71 profile pic Artist

Mixing the early cave painting and digital technology

Amazing to think that drawing has always been a large part of human social experience even when our ancestors lived in caves

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

ha, nice concept for the contest, it just seems a bit unfinished, perhaps with some combo of computer screen and cave texture on it? I'm not sure if the concept comes across without the explanation is all, and not really a fan of the back print. But hopefully i'm in the minority here, nice thinking for the contest.

Link Design

I like the concept.


great one

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

perhaps it could have been taken further, while maintaining the necessary simplicity, but its pointless to ponder, and this works well as is, in my opinion.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Oh wow I'm surprised this has not enough comments. Brilliant!

thINK profile pic Alumni

love it

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