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i wouldnt wanna walk around with an ipod on my shirt. i dont even own one.
cool design thou


i love the idea and the style but something about the two extra cassettes bugs me. i was going to suggest taking them out and leaving just the ipod-walkman but then it'd be a little hard to tell what the walkman part of it was.

oh, and i'd add the buttons on the side of the ipod/walkman thing (the play/stop/rewind/forward push-down plastic buttons) but that's just me.


haha, yeah, i realized while i typed that the ipod has controls on it, but i figured it'd help people figure out what it is a little faster, and those massive old skool buttons are awesome anyway :D


like ipod commercials, but waaaay too overrated. awesome collaboration. $5


the truth about ipods!!!
but too many off them..
and the mp3 tape has been done,
but... great drawing


nicely executed!

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