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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

You didn't think you were all alone in your nostril spelunking expedition, did you? HAHA.sg and Frickinawesome take you on a hand-picked adventure.

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

This is so disgusting man... I can't understand why you did it. I wouldn't wear it... I'd even reject it as a present. :P


Yes, it is disgusting....and I probably wouldn't wear it.....but someone probably would! Good idea, and awesome job!

empiricist profile pic Alumni

haha, good one!

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

hey, I didn't meant to be rude, it was just the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it... In fact, I like the little workers illustration style. What I don't like is the concept, and most of all the hughe face and such a big placement on the shirt.



phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

...the jar is round.. the cup is round.. .they should call it roundtine... it's gold jerry... GOLD!!!!


The tattoos are funny.

alexmdc profile pic Staff

guys holding map of nose is awesome

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

hahaha, thanks guys for the "interesting" and varied amount of reactions from this piece. Santo76, I'm sorry this is offensive to you, but an interesting visual play on picking your nose is something I find funny and would wear instantly, and I think this is only a minor amount of shock value in this before you realize what is going on and actually laugh at the ridiculousness of the design. And that's the point of it: attempting to be witty and ridiculous. Whether it fails or not is based on your opinions of societal norms and actions that fall somewhere in a gray area, where it's considered gross to see someone do this and you actually judge them, but we all do it sometimes and don't judge ourselves so harshly.

I also forgot to mention in the first comment that the multi-awesome'd phillydesigner whipped up this slick presentation.

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

hes a nose miner!


haha! i don't think it's offensive at all.
There are a couple of dodgy lines around the edge, you should fix that up.

The guy with the nose map is my fave too XD

davidfromdallas profile pic Alumni

SO fantastic! To be honest, I wish we could see an even closer-up close-up! haha just to fully get all the little details (like the dude holding the nose map ftw!)

great work, guys! 4 from me!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

hahaha, thanks guys! I just re-read what i wrote up there and realized it made less than no sense. hehehe, to re-state, this will be some people's kind of humor and some not, a cheap gross-out that you would never wear or something a little more than that, and that's perfectly cool!

Please keep voicing your opinions either way, and the one thing i DO know is I'm really proud of the detail in the nose and the sketches around all of that craziness that HAHA.sg illustrated here.

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

Lol those fellas are cute enough to eat :p Sweet work, guys!

anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni

pretty slow on weekend): but im happy its already UP(:
thanks for all the sweet comments guys. appreciated it.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

hahaha! This is damn hilarious


Really really clever! and it looks amazing on the shirt!

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

Hey man... I'm not offended I just don't like it... If I had to write such a long paragraph everytime someone says something I don't like about my work I would spend my life doing it.

Just accept people can have different oppinions and not always love what you do.

There is certain people that don't matter what an alumni subs and allways give nice comments... I don't wanna be one of those I'll allways say exactly what I think.

And if you feel ofended, please review the comments you left me.

Hope you understand... I want to enjoy being here and sharing our works and thoughts.


Originality : $5
Fun: $5
Would I wear it? Definitlely!
Awesome guys.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Santo, I was just responding to your first comment which i felt wasn't much in the way of critiquing with a line like "I can't understand why you did it" and "if this was a present I'd reject it".

I love honest feedback and I realized my first response to you was a bit nonsensical and was more defensive than i meant, which is why I clarified myself in the second one below that.

I'm also more defensive since it's a collab and I feel HAHA.sg did an awesome job bringing this concept to life and shouldn't be blamed if anyone finds the concept unappealing.

So please, continue Santo with leaving honest comments, but try not to be randomly hurtful, be a bit more clear with what bugs you about a design, thanks man!


Ohhh this is gross, but toatally awsome at the same time and a perfect gift for a 15 year old teen.

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

Yeah... you are right, it felt a little rude... please remember I'm not a native english speaker (i'm from argentina) and sometimes it gets difficult to express what I think.

just for the record the line "I can't understand why you did it" was because I really like all your other submissions.

Thanks for understandig... I have also sent you an email, answer it if you don't mind... I'd like to be in touch with you.


Michael Jackson approves of this shirt


haha, superb dude :) mountains was also great! 5

zenbolic vision

very crazy funny and new love that ! 5


ha! no wonder my sinuses are always fucked up...

Krimson profile pic Alumni

It is pretty sweet, but I wish the miners and their stuff was more the focus of the design.


Love the giant face and nose picking idea.
Made me smile.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Best comment ever!!!!

anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni

we're human so as u^^!(:

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

hahahaaa ewwwww but a 5 from me!

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni

This is hilarious. Love it. :D

The Dot

ehehe ^^

biotwist profile pic Alumni

i was picking my nose as i read this. 5


FA, now this is a cool shirt. lets do a collab!


this shirt need way more loving!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

hahahaha, awww, well at least it broke a 2.0...thanks for stopping by and poking around this sub!




^ Agreed. Ah well, it still could be picked.


Ha, ironic. It could still be "picked".

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