die yuppie scum

Design by hogboy

die yuppie scum by hogboy on Threadless
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bortwein profile pic Alumni

the fact that it is missing an eye bugs me a little too much. I like the concept and illustration, it just needs that other eye.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

i'd buy it.

hogboy profile pic Artist

Oh... I guess I was a bit vague (it is my first submission). The wolf IS the yuppie. I thought the whole greedy grin thang would be enough to get it across but hey.... And yes I agree too big for the tee. If it gets printed I'll make a note and have the lovely people at Threadless shrink it down. As for the drips and the text, well boo hoo I like em but what do I know!

mezo profile pic Alumni

The illustration is beautiful & I LOVE the light hatching on the shirt.

The cut off at the nbottom does not wor- it makes it look incomplete. Is there something you could add? Or maybe just finish the tie off...

The "ALL MINE" text is arbitrary.

I like the few droplets of b lood by the wolf's mouth.

This may be really awesome if you played up on the pos/neg- maybe put this on a black shirt with the white details shooting in & out?


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