Die another da....!

Design by sooty

Die another da....! by sooty on Threadless
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Blasphemy! but clever :)


but i love james bond.... and you killed him!



didn't i see this in a Leslie Nielson movie?


You know what I'd love in there? A spilled martini glass. Might be a bit difficult to see though.

biticol profile pic Alumni



yeah, get rid of the two cirlces


I think the circles draw your eyes from left to right, giving the design the same movement that you get from the beginning of a bond movie. I want this t-shirt!

sooty profile pic Artist

I quite liked the circles as it represented the beginning of the film and involved the whole shirt a bit more moving accross the middle. ah well, I'm sure if it gets anywhere they will take them off for you, please vote it high anyway.




I think I'm the only person in the world who thinks James Bond is a pompous ass. I actually cheered when I saw this. I'd remove the two circles to the left of the design; the image on the right is powerful enough just as it is.


HaHaHaHaHaHaHa ! ! !

not the yo-yo circular saw,
not the out-of-control centrifuge,
not the man with the golden gun,
not the man with the metal teeth,
not the sharp-edged throwing hat,
not the table with a huge laser beam,
not the boiling hot radioactive water,
not the lady with the poisonous lip stick,
not the man with the garrote wire watch,
not the fall from a plane without a parachute,
not the sharks/tarantula/piranahs/crocodiles,

but it's a bullet from the gun barrel in the opening
credits of 007's movies that finally gets the better of Bond,
James Bond

I always thought he would die from some type of
sexually transmitted disease.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

What's the two white circles for?

sooty profile pic Artist

the two circles aren't previously missed shots, at the beginning of early bond films they start black and then a white circle comes out from the left which then duplicates and the first one disapears, then the circle becomes the barrel of the gun which bond walks in. having the two on the left is supposed to convey this movement accross the screen. sorry for any confusion.

sooty profile pic Artist

yes, the music would stop. with a cheesy record scratch sound I reckon.

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cool design.

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