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jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist

an abstract simulated process print!!! something a little different than my norm. i hope you all like it!!!


heck yes!!!!

abeadle profile pic Alumni

This is amazing $5 !!!


I love it so much! I would definitely wear this. It would look great on anyone with anything! $5 for sure. PrintPrintPrint!

jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist

i'm glad some people are enjoying this slightly more abstract design! also, in reference to the volcom logo comments, i really don't think they are all that similar. i guess they are both diamond inspired though. i wasn't even really aware of what that company was so i checked it out. i appreciate the feedback though! thanks :)

max mazur

it can make u think a little bit of the volcom logo (which is the other half of my shirts) so for me it combine the best 2 tees company !!! really nice design 5$

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