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nathanwpyle at gmail.com
nathanwpyle at gmail.com profile pic Artist

A collaboration with Bio-bot 9000.

The world has never seen an apocalyptic showdown of such epic proportions. Neil Diamond with his sweet soulful melodies takes on the gritty sounds of the immortal Johnny Cash.

Sweet Caroline!
Man in Black!

When the Man Comes Around, you better get ready - because this fight is Coming to America!

For NES and SEGA Genesis. Ages 8 and up.

Thanks to Manos for the template and iRocko for the tee pic.

Thanks for voting!


cool! I like it best blue.

jamesf profile pic Alumni



Go Johnny, Go!

It's good fun, although I'd like to see the characters pixelated. I also reckon some of the younger folk might be googling those names quickly. Well, at least Johnny got a movie lately, so you're alright.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni


Bregman profile pic Alumni

Hilarious. Love Johnny's "Ring of Fire" move.

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

hahaha, very hilarious


fantabulous! Nice work guys!!!


no probs Nathan.....great to see it up,good luck!


is that a "walk the line" special move i see below cash? :-)
great details


really clever and well done!


Oh geeze! Hahaha nice one guys, so freaking random!


I love the 'ring of fire' move but I would have liked to see what kick ass move the 'walk the line' or 'cherry cherry' would have been like XD

nathanwpyle at gmail.com
nathanwpyle at gmail.com profile pic Artist

Thanks for that, Dr. Horrible!

As for who wins - I know Johnny Cash is tough and all, but Neil has sold over 100 million albums.

No slouch here.



lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

a classic game! love it!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Yeah, it's up!

Thanks for the comments and votes, guys and girls! Keep em coming!

And some food for thought: are there any movies chronicaling the life of Neil Diamond? and if not, WHY NOT?????!!!


Haha I geddit.


oh oh oh I love it I love it I love it!
the choice of game, the weapons...

but i feel like this has the potential of being absolutely fantastic.. so perhaps if you thought more about the details? i mean, for example, walking the line is a clear jc reference, but he likes guns and bar fights too, A Lot. how about references with more violent imagery?

again, i say these simply cuz i think this tsihrt can be perfect..

please rate mine:

nathanwpyle at gmail.com
nathanwpyle at gmail.com profile pic Artist

Sam makes a great point!

I think those movies usually come after a person has died so they can have maximum sentimental appeal (Ray, Walk the Line, etc.)

But Neil is certainly deserving.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha, nice way of bringing this joke all together from the initial idea. Really nice with the likenesses on the bottom and the ring of fire effect going on as a super move. These guys would wreck shop on Ryu and Ken!

Sweel work fellas.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Loving this on the grey. :)

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

wow... that's pretty original stuff!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Forever in blue jeans, babe!


like it in grey please...

nathanwpyle at gmail.com
nathanwpyle at gmail.com profile pic Artist

Money talks!
but it don't sing and dance
and it don't walk

long as I can have you here with me
I'd much rather be
forever in blue jeans, babe!


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