devine cycle of the phoenix

Design by mahalov

devine cycle of the phoenix by mahalov on Threadless
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the lowest picture is the best placement

i don't really dig it but some people may


aww wicked, i've been looking for a phoenix t-shirt for years now.

This is so good, i'm gonna re-log on with a diffrent user name etso i can give c just you a 10 and two $'s

awsome, this has to be printed

i'd def get it on a slatey grey


Nice, i like this a lot


SHoulder placement is hot hot hot, even fo a bird made of fire.

Ava Adore

OoOoOo very nice!


i have to say I honestly don't like anything about this one.
I think the shape, orientation, and placement of the graphic are all weird.
I'm not even too fond of the graphic itself...
This might work if there was more to the picture


Really cool. On the brown though. Fives it.

mini dukes III

Awesome! I like it better in the green brown or blue.

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