Destroy Liars

Design by Magenta Cobra

Destroy Liars by Magenta Cobra on Threadless
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Oh no not the sea monkeys


i like sea monkeys... now i'm sad


I really like the colours in this design


nice illo and colors.


for some reason, when i saw this.... right off the bat i thought of two things: 1. there's something written in here.... and 2: this, i'd love to see as apiece on a wall... more than a quick throw-up, but a full-blown bombin', y'know? you do any street art, lol? no, really... do you?


When i created my first sea monkeys i thought they would be my friends and in time they would make me their king,inviting me to their magical kindom to live amongst them....this did not happen thus the magic and wonder of my childhood was destroyed, let us call upon cthulhu to consume the unmagical scum

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Good used of colour and nice illustrated!


I like, but it might be nice if the graphic was higher on the chest? I'd rather have murder occuring over my heart than near my loins.

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