Despite all my rage.

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Despite all my rage. by kaloyster on Threadless
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whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

Siamese Dream is still the best SP album


Aww... how sad and cute.

Every time I used to play that song my chinchilla would go nuts.

kaloyster profile pic Artist

:-) Foreverandeverafter, its:

"Despite all my rage, i'm still just a rat in a cage."

kaloyster profile pic Artist

@kaze - the cheese might add a new color, but i like that idea. i dunno, maybe i'll try to figure out how to add it without breaking color-count rules.

"Salamat" to all your votes and comments.

Mr Self Destruct

Nice idea. I like the Smashing Pumpkins reference. Here's hoping it makes it into production.


I like where you have it on the white tee, with the black eyes, but on the dark grey shirt. I'll give it a 4

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