Democracy Rocks.

Design by dschwen

Democracy Rocks. by dschwen on Threadless
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dschwen profile pic Artist

Here's another design submission for the Loves Democracy contest.
This is a collaboration between Van Horgen and myself.

Hope you enjoy it.

Man Oil

Funny stuff!

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

looks awesome, love the halftones and the idea. wonderful as usual $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

For once in a blue moon I agree with Moon Oil, the half-toning is well down and it's a fun sub for having the statue of liberty in a general democracy sub.


What is she holding?

dschwen profile pic Artist

thanks all for the feedback so far.

GreenRabbit, she's holding a lighter -- striking the typical rock pose while at a concert.

dschwen profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone.
Keep the comments coming, I hope this one does well!


Too American for my liking.

dschwen profile pic Artist

Yeah I wanted to keep the color very subdued, making the visual speak for itself. There's a lot of detail in the halftones, hopefully you can see it enough from the GIF file I made.

Thanks all.


The Statue of Liberty is overused...why not add a twist...maybe have both her arms up with the torch in the original hand. Something. Otherwise great illustration.

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

Great textures, especially on the halftones

dschwen profile pic Artist

Yeah, we liked how the statue stood as an icon of democracy. We thought about changing up the pose, but the simplicity of the design and concept didn't hold up.

Thanks for the feedback all. We really appreciate it.

dschwen profile pic Artist

Yeah I worked hard at making all the textures inside the image.
The background clouds are also halftoned, and the line drawing has a broken rough quality too it.

Thanks 'iknowlittleaboutart'


is that a lighter

dschwen profile pic Artist

yes, it's a lighter.

dschwen profile pic Artist

Last day to vote.

I lopez you: Yeah the statue, was our way to represent democracy. Totally understand if it doesn't represent you.

Thanks all.


Nice idea, but think lighter needs a flame so more obvious what she is holding.

dschwen profile pic Artist

spacecrazy: it might be hard to see with the small GIF file, but there is a flame on the top of the lighter.

Thanks for the comment.

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