Democracy: It's Simple.

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Democracy: It's Simple. by m1studios on Threadless
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It's not your freedom of speech. It's not your right to bear arms or wear a flag. It's not even your right to a fair trial. It's not the Bill of Rights, or Charter, or whatever it is that guarantees your freedom to practice religion and move freely within the boundaries of the country to which you are a citizen. These are the results of Democracy.

Democracy is sharing the power to control the directions we take. Democracy is about that power being in our hands. Your hands, my hands, your friends hands...and when we get together to use the small drop of power we each wield, together we can accomplish great things.

Democracy is simple. It's easy. It's what you do with it that's hard.


Nice, simple, yet extremely clever...3


i think that it would be better with the text on it.

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Alumni

i like the idea very much, but very ferdinand/imelda marcos for me :) very nice explanation


Would like to see the text printed.

m1studios profile pic Artist


I'm not a big fan of shirts that have their message spelled out (i.e. printing the text). I think if I were wearing the shirt, and someone were to ask me what it was about, I'd just say 'Democracy' and leave it at that. Who knows... if I win, maybe the copy will be used as part of the 'campaign'.


i like it and i like it on the dark blue


Aw, I like your description (and your shirt), it was very powerful.

m1studios profile pic Artist

Where would you want to see the text, and which text would you want to see?


This concept is really good. Usually I don't like text on the shirt, but sometimes it feels right. I would add it above the image,


print "democracy, it's simple" under the design

m1studios profile pic Artist

Uh, they're not 'middle' fingers.

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