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Design by ladykat

Demeter by ladykat on Threadless
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not too bad for your first:) good luck.


awesome! i still think it should be smaller where the hands are, and then just spreads out, but nonetheless, nice design!

ladykat profile pic Artist

thanks for the sweet comments!

kimberlyanne - the brown and dusk are my faves :-)


Looks great on brown!


Nice work on your first sub! Good luck! :)

ladykat profile pic Artist

hey, thanks y'all!

and nate, now i get what you're saying - i didn't really know what you meant before. ah well, i'm slow. :/

by the way, maybe this is silly, but it's pretty exciting seeing "this is my design" next to my posts!

Dr. Elusis

Outstanding design. The color choices aren't quite speaking to me yet - I like the plum background best by far, but I want the colors to be more... Greek? Seasonal? Tonal? I don't know what I want, quite, but this is so close and yet not quite there. Design is a $5, colors a 4.

ladykat profile pic Artist


hey dr. - do you mean something more faded? i'm not quite sure what you're looking for, alas.


I really like this, too. I wasn't sure what I thought about it at first, but the way you did it is really cool. The design completely stands on its own, without any backstory. And I love how big and across the entire shirt it is.


it's a lovely design, and i love the size and placement

ladykat profile pic Artist

i really appreciate all the great comments - this was a design i was really excited about!

d3d profile pic Alumni

really does look great on brown. you have an owners knack for designing stuffs that looks good curving over boobs.

ladykat profile pic Artist

:-D thanks guys! you made my night.

it looks like brown is handily beating the other colors . . .

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah as the others have said teh brown works best the colors pop the most on that one ... this is a very nice first foray into threadless ... and d3d is right you managed to make a design that can still look good curving around a woman's body. keep up the good work

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

nice idea and I love the brown


Yeah it looks really good on the brown.
Give em hell ladykat!!

ladykat profile pic Artist

yay, thanks so much for the support!

fc gravy

nice design.

ladykat profile pic Artist

strong enough for a man, but ph balanced just for you!

or something. :-)

Montro profile pic Alumni

Loveeee the colors and the placement is great!! $5 from me!


I really like this! love the colors!

ladykat profile pic Artist

Thank you! I just noticed your comment (which, btw, was posted a day after my birthday - a lovely present!)

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