Delighted To Eat You

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Delighted To Eat You by aled on Threadless
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aled profile pic Artist

I give this $5. And I will do with the skulls whatever the public desires.

aled profile pic Artist

NB: I give that comment $5 - not my t-shirt. The colour can be changed! Anyway, the world need more gold yellow coloured t-shirts.

aled profile pic Artist

Click here
if yellow burns a hole in your retina. I prefer it in yellow, but this was
another option.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni



blue, and I'm sold. 5$

thINK profile pic Alumni



So very awesome. Would definitely wear this on a Pease Corps mission!

aled profile pic Artist

STOP PRESS! Thanks all for your feedback and thank you for not letting the controversial gold/yellow colour muddy your judgement of the design. The yellow hate is pretty
emphatic, so I've produced a white tee version. I obviously worked on it in
Illustrator in white, but thought it would have been universally panned (I
realise some will still have beef with the white). I think it works. Click
here to see it
. Thanks amigos and amigas.

herky profile pic Alumni

nice characters and concept.

aled profile pic Artist

Thank you for your thoughts - I think the design itself can work with most light colours - but colour preference is a very subjective thing. I'm not going to submit a yellow tee again in a hurry!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

like the front/back thing.

but the top skull - one of the eyes is grey, and so at first i thought it was a pirate skull (looked like there was a patch) - particularly with the hat askew on its head.

i'd love it on a canary yellow, not a fan of just white.


This is awesome, but please don't print on gold!

aled profile pic Artist

Thanks. In reference to the comment made by ladykat, I haven't overlooked the grey eyesocket - it was intentional to offset it against the outline of the bone infront and the edge of the hat. It's something I played with for a while. While I'm in confessional, one of the nostril holes is also grey - essentially, didn't want the illustration to look too rigid. but things like that were considered and not overlooked!

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