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DELICIOUS CAKE! by epocalypse on Threadless
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Bio-bot 9000

I wish the detail in the lazer thing was applied to the rest of the design. the person looks like a toy, or the Bic logo guy


Anyway, this cake is great, it's so delicious and moist.


It also says you're adopted. So that's funny, too.


I listened to that song for a couple days straight. I still sing it to myself occasionally. LOL


The cake is a lie...The cake is a lie...
The cake is a lie...

I don't think many will get the reference.


When was it an internet meme? I demand proof! lol


I'd like to know about the internet meme-ness as well! :)


It makes me happy, too, I for one love the clashing, and not just for the reference. :)


The room's perspectives look a bit wonky, it would be nice if the lazer pointed at the door (and that is one awesome laser), in addition maybe flip the !?! so it doesn't overlap with the building. Not sure if this shirt will work for threadless because only certain few will get it.


If this gets printed, I'm totally writing "The cake is a lie" on the back. :D


Yup, I loved it in the 15 seconds before I even got the reference. LOL



don't go on the internet if you enjoy sleep



here's what i think. first off, your six colors are not utilized very well. if you have used the same shade of red on the character outside the box, it would have cut your colors in 5. btw i can only see about three on first impression.

also it was mentioned that the perspective is "wonky" and i agree. the center of attention of the design is the cake (i'd like to think so) and looking straight directly on the plate you'll notice immediately how off the perspective is. you may want to work on that.

third, i'd like to see the character outside, whatever it is, jive with how complex you rendered the machine inside room/box or something. right now they look like they were pulled off from different designs you know what i mean?

still a great idea concept-wise. :)


Also, I think if anyone was walking along and saw a door with a big sign that said CAKE, we'd be surprised, yeah? lol


First this hurts my eyes (there's nothing to focus on), then it hurts my head (the objects are all too hard/weird to recognize).


the cake is not a lie after all =P


oh BOO for the score. kicks things


yeah... me too... twice... in two days. And I'm thinking of beating it once again!
A hell of an enjoyable game! =D

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