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I have placed various weapons that are or have been used to hunt Deer to form the head of a deer. Weapons included are the muzzleloader, rimfire rifle, spear, longbow, crossbow (used for disabled people) .357 Magnum among many others.. i have even included the Big Buck Hunters shotgun :)

For the print on the darker t-shirts i have inverted the image. you can view this here -


Wow ! Wow ! Wow !
the eye and mouth give it a mean look ( which is good )


very delicate and powerful. 4.


You forgot to put in Assualt Rifles. lol.

It's good, I like it. $4


simply wicked


God I am tired of deer.

jimjamjames profile pic Artist

deer oh deer.


Really like this, have seen similar sort of designs (weapons making up the shape of the Deer) but this is definately the best. I think it's because the Deer isn't flat and looks in 3D, and the various use of different items to make up the shape of the eye for example.


from far away it looks like deer, though first I couldn't tell what it is. I love the design though!

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thanks for your comments!!!!!!!!! digitizedsociety - I'm against hunting and the image is showing what weapons are responsible for the hunting/killing of deer throughout it's history. It's more informative rather than being for or against hunting. In my eyes it looks like angry skull of a deer, which works quite well because it is represented by elements that play a part in it's death.
Originally i was going have a list of the names of the weapons but i couldn't successful incorporate this.

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