Deep sea knitting

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Deep sea knitting by ReadyMake on Threadless
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The sea is large and full of extraordinary creatures. Ever wondered how they all come to be?
A shirt for knitters, divers, knitters who like to dive, and divers who like to knit.


This is awesome. Really good idea and well thought out.


Ooooh, super cute!


Reminds me an aqua machine ad... "Ariston Aqualis"
A better execution is welcome

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Thanks lemonalle!
Madruga, sorry you didn't like the execution.. I guess a 3 is better then a 1 :)

Katy, I was just thinking of way to combine my 2 hobbies - diving and knitting, and came up with this! don't be jealous, I'm sure you can come up with great stuff too..

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