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Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

haha. master of disguise!


Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake! 5


Nice dude!


cool character!!!


I feel your pain, man! I'm having the same problem with my current submission that makes a God of War joke.

And now that I think about it, I'm adding a $ to my vote, because I would totally wear this.

laurastead profile pic Alumni

i'll have to look up metal gear because this is funny so i must find out the story behind it!

Salamanderlich profile pic Artist

Basically, Decoy Octopus is the codename of a member of FOXHOUND - all of whom have animal codenames, like Revolver Ocelot. Decoy Octopus is a master of disguise, and impersonates an officer in the game.

Wikipedia: Decoy Octopus is a member of FOXHOUND, and, with the rest of his unit, went rogue during the Shadow Moses island incident. Octopus specializes in impersonation. In Metal Gear Solid he impersonates the DARPA Chief after Ocelot killed him,[41][42] and is killed by the FoxDie virus.[43] He is the only member of FOXHOUND whom Snake does not fight. As Donald Anderson, he lies to Snake about having his detonation code found out by Psycho Mantis and also informs him of the PAL override system. In a later scene, when Ocelot and Liquid talk about FoxDie, Ocelot reveals that Octopus was older than the others, possibly even the oldest member of FOXHOUND.


nice colors!

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

haha, that octopus is so ridiculous


I love the colors, they complement each other so well, 5555!


Ha. Classy! Love the colors!

fuloprichard profile pic Alumni

ohhh mom awesommmeeeee!! 5$$$ :D:D:D




Not a metal gear fan at all so I don't really get the joke, however I know that a ton of people are and from your backstory above I think you've done a good job of taking a very serious game and poking a little fun at it. Wouldn't wear it but if I was a MG fan I likely would.




Simple and wonderful. 5 all the way.


ahaha very funny octopus

ferstrokes profile pic Alumni

:D Calamardo Rules! xD


it scares me!!!!naww its cool

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