Deciduous Tooth Accident

Design by starr226

Deciduous Tooth Accident by starr226 on Threadless
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One would think that the tooth fairy would have better dental hygiene...


don't you know the tooth fairy collects childrens teeth because all the fairies in fairyland have horrible gum disease from a diet based solely on sugar? they're like hummingbirds - gotta suck down the glucose, so they can go zipping along.

and then their teeth rot out. so they need shildren's teeth.

after many eons of sneaking about in the dark stealing teeth from hapless children, the fairies came to an agreement with the humans - to leave a small monetary donation in place of each tooth voluntarily left for the fairies - and the fairy carvers make fake teeth for all the toothless fairies - and everyone lives happily ever after.

sweet deal. no?


I am so jealous.

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