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Ha. Yeah.
You're just fucking ignorant.


honestly, i think you should just drop "all"

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

holy crap - what kind of people are you - calling me names because of this - you are the intolerant ones - you are the ignorant ones - have you ever read any history - lots of wars are based on religions hatred for one another - and if you are a true atheist you wouldnt care at all about this because your supposed to not believe in any god or religion., so what would this matter to an atheist

mrs. squid

you people are pussys

Terry Citizen

A closed-minded dogmatic belief in anything (not just religious dogma) creates conflict/war.


money is responsible for a lot of wars. should we get rid of the monetery system?

race was responsible for the civil war. should we do away with all other races?

the truth is, it's not our differences that cause conflict, it's our inability to embrace and celebrate those differences.

similarly, it's not our religions that cause the wars, it's the intolerant people who can't stand any religion but their own.


It should say "Organized religion leads to war" - those whiny "atheist" bloggers are probably really Unitarians.


oops. I meant "equals war" - not "leads to".

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