Death is in us all

Design by Ian Leino

Death is in us all by Ian Leino on Threadless
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Ste7en profile pic Alumni

to hell with tradition Erica!

this is great, and your colors, though untraditional, are quite nice

mezo profile pic Alumni

5$ for the Mexi-stache alone.


this is a fantastic idea, but i'd rather see russian/ukrainian imagery for this shirt. i like dia de los muertos imagery as well, but i think it lessens the impact of this particular shirt. good job though!

Dr. Elusis

Kill the gold/orange shirt, and you have a potential winner.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

love the patterns



abeadle profile pic Alumni

I need this to get printed so I can wear it,

herky profile pic Alumni

nice colors and characters.


the colors (minus the light blue) .. are really close to Taco Bell
which also jives with the Mexified Matryoshka doll format...
(Matryoshka.. makes me think... "matriarch", mother earth, mother death...)
to me its a take on the whole idea of America as a melting pot... or here as a nested dolls.. but also you have the center figure.. which is the depiction of death. - contrasted by the festive colors.. (this contrast is apparent in Dia De Los Muertos displays as well) ...
The death figure could be a common link between all these cultures.. American, Russian and Mexican. As people, we have death in common.
the illustration itself is pleasing..
i think i'd want to see it a little bigger on the shirt..


the design is cool but I personally don't like the orange shirt

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