Death (Decay II)

Design by Addicted to Colour

Death (Decay II) by Addicted to Colour on Threadless
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This is rad. I love it. Maybe use brighter colors

Edword profile pic Alumni

grim subject, soft palette. cool.

huebucket profile pic Alumni

I'm glad you're back $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

Gross, but beautiful. I am not a fan of the silhoettes back there. They could stand to be more asyemmetrical.


is the deer's right front hoof purposefully bent anatomically the wrong way? would prefer if it was correct like the left forleg even if the rest of the creature is turning into a blob.


aww too sad for me. but nicely done


Lose the background images and you' ve got a winner.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

I agree with mezo lose eithe sid eof teh upper pattern and youre golden but nice work other wise

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

That silly pattern in the background kills the design. But, I'm sure you've figured that out by reading the other comments.
I'm not a HUGE fan of the colors used, but they aren't bad. I like muted colors, but these are almost washed out. The pink stroke around it all seems strange too.

other than all those things, I think this could be a winner.


love it... but would prefer without the tongue and the mooses in the background. love the colour scheme.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I hate the moose print.

Lose it. I love the design and the prequel idea.

WTF is with prequel designs nowadays? Are they the new hot trend?



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think i had some flying reindeer as the old-skool screen saver after flying toasters. Even tho this shirt is SO not my thing, i still dig it. Just looking at it on others, minus the santa-less RD.


I love this, except for the mini-reindeer in the background! :)


Ooooo, I love the colors

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Love it. Lose the pattern though.


I love it on the dark purple you have shown on the design background itself.
I dont think you need the repeated small moose in the background.
Other than that though I love the design, change nothing about your decaying creature.
$4 with the moose pattern, 5 without.


This is one of those designs that Threadless already has dozens of. Abstract random swooshes and animals. Not my thing, sorry.


I'm just going to nitpick other commenters and say those are elk, not moose. However, I agree with them that they've got to go.

On eggplant would be sweet.


Babylonian, I dont think you could consider this random since this is carefully planned.. and those "swooshes" have a point as to why it's there.... o_o it's just emphasizing on the decaying process..... so it's seriously not random even though it appears to be.. :/

@addicted to colour - i really really loved decay.. hmm. i stil llike this one but the patterns need to go =(.. i think it may help if it is a teensy bit brighter but still eh. i love the design a lot regardless..


Love the deer in the background. NICE! 5


AWESOME STUFF... i highly regret not buying the firsts one... so hopefully this will do well jsut as the other... please keep subbing 5$

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