Death and Taxes

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Death and Taxes by 4wordsback on Threadless
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nice job! there was a sub with a similar theme several months ago...i liked it, and i like this as well!


OMG says it all even without the text. (Put IRS bigger on the briefcase.)


Agreed, SpringWerx. The saying is common enough that people would get it. Cool idea!


I love it! Though I have to go the other way - I think the shadows are unnecessary; just the 2 figures and their handshake says it all!


Love it!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

O well....guess I will be throwing my death and taxes idea into the trash bin now that I've sat on it for months. lol. I like your interpretation a lot, although i agree with removing the words and maybe making the whole thing smaller and centering it.

happy tofu

I love it exactly how it is. (But Keter is right about putting "IRS" bigger and on the briefcase.)

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