Dead But Still Dandy!

Design by The Jolly Brewer

Dead But Still Dandy! by The Jolly Brewer on Threadless
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The Jolly Brewer
The Jolly Brewer profile pic Artist

With or without text.

He's a smart little fellow, don't you think?


actually, i think maybe without the text...


Great art but I like it better without the text. The drawing is good enough to stand on its own.


definitely a five.


I'd buy this. Great 1ink sub!

The Jolly Brewer
The Jolly Brewer profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments. This could work with pretty much any ink/shirt combo. Cottoneyelizzer's suggestion is pretty interesting.


he really is still dandy!! I digt it!

welshalex an ideal world I'd love it in burgundy flock.


My dad would love this shirt. lol. very good job.


sweet skull dude!


It made me LOL but I would never buy it. :)/:(


I agree w/ Cottoneyelizzer.. That would be awesome.

The Jolly Brewer
The Jolly Brewer profile pic Artist

I didn't mention my source material but as squatterjohn mentioned, I did give some pretty hefty clues in the title. I thought more people would recognise it's source.

I love the original and think it would look great as a t shirt. It's in the public domain but rather than just replicate it I worked it up in my own style with a few adjustments.

Anyway, the score is shit, but I'd wear a shirt with this design on for sure.

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